I'm Fine

I'm Fine


How many times have you heard yourself say those two simple words?

And it was a lie.

I’m fine.

It’s fine.

We’re fine.

But you’re not.

You didn’t sleep last night because baby was teething. Your toddler had a bad dream and climbed into bed. Your partner was mouth breathing...

Did you even pee yesterday? Did you eat? Did you shower...alone? Did you drink enough water?

Mommy-ing is so freaking hard.

Then the world decided to throw a pandemic at you.

Why not?

Suddenly, you’re spiraling even deeper down that rabbit hole. You became an online student with your child. Your job was up in the air.

The freedom to go outside as you please, now a scene from “The Handmaid’s Tale."

Under his eyes...

Should I even talk about laundry? Maybe not. Too sensitive.

(No, let’s talk about it. That never-ending pile. To be honest, I wear basically the same thing everyday. Literally. I will obviously change out my underwear. I don’t know why I had to disclaim that. 


But as I reach for my pre-preggo lace thong- because I’ve worn all of my maternity undies...even I have to give in and throw in a load. Eventually.

Mommy-ing can be so lonely.

Long days trying to entertain your little one. Long nights if your child isn’t quite ready to be on their own.

You are NOT alone. We have been there. We are there right now. With you.

We may not be able to fix anything, but we are here to listen.

So, mama...how are you doing?

Let us know.

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So much truth lies behind 2 simple words. Being a new and first time mommy, I often find myself thinking a mile a minute especially in the middle of the night while feeding my little one and after she is back asleep. I question myself f I’m doing a good job followed by unexplained tears ( I still blame hormones for that! ), I think about what my day will be like. Although some days are harder than other days I always wake up reminding myself it’s a new day and what happened yesterday or last night is behind me! So to answer the question I am doing great and I love this new journey of motherhood that I am on!

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